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 Cultivating Happiness is the Non- Profit Education Garden of Patty’s Berries and Bunches

Our Mission Is To Educate, Nurture, and Inspire Happiness
“To Cultivate Happiness”

We do this by utilizing the beauty that surrounds the farm and bring people in to explore, experience and engage in activities and classes that support happiness.

We plan to do this by: 

Farming Scene

Agriculture Education 

Learn Firsthand all things gardening / agriculture related; plant, cultivate, eco system, learn why and how to love and support agriculture in this community. (children/ teens welcome become a junior farmer)

Day Stained Glass Workshop

Arts and Crafts

Painting, explore Natural inks, flower arrangements, Art installations, Artist in residence program, local music

Family in Nature

Healing Though Nature

Farm Tours , walks, Yoga, Meditation and Aromatherapy , Food and botanicals related to your health.

Do you have a skill or talent you would like to share with your community ?

Come Teach and Inspire With Us

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