Farm Tours "Best of Patty's Farm"

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Come Join Us for The Best Of patty's Farm Tour! 1 1/2 -2 Hour Tour Great for Groups and Families, This Tour gets to Go, learn and Enjoy things the General public doesn't get to. - Lasting 1 1/2 -2 hours long , tours includes: - 1 scoop homemade Icecream (fruit flavors including strawberry is made with our farm ingredients) - U-pick berries, peas and flowers. I take you to the best secret picking spots. (we also get bigger baskets. So there is room for all variety of picking) - we get to pick flowers (which is not allowed by the public) - learn about insects and pests, what hurts or helps the plants on the farm, farm safety , about the plants , different tastes , history of the farm. - photo op for group shot. - 1 take home gift Discount pricing available for Large Groups and Schools/Education. email:

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